V07J Engine Jacket


P/N V07J – Fits 2014-2016 Husqvarna FE 350 and FE 450.

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Although the Thermo-Bob shuts off the radiators in the extreme cold of snow bike riding, the snow that gets on the cylinder and engine cases still acts as a “third radiator”, sucking heat out of the engine.  Power Sports Tech has developed engine jackets that helps keep snow off the engine and keeps engine temps up especially for cold powder riding days . The jacket also folds down in stages so you can adjust venting for riding on packed snow or warm days. It is made from a light weight nearly  indestructible material  and can be taken off in minutes or worn all winter season.  Each one as been custom made to fit the specific bike model.

This jacket does not have an optional “Cold Weather Panel”.

  • Item #: V07J
  • Ships to: USA and Canada.

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