Installation Manuals / Videos

Brian Gurney,


Got the unit in the mail today - I am impressed at the work and engineering put into it. Professionally I am a QA / Regulatory Affairs Manager (Among other duties of senior management for a medical device manufacturer, an FDA, TDH, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified facility) so I get to review a lot of designs and builds from scratch that have to pass a high level of performance integrity -  this is an excellent piece.  You can be proud of it!

“Trail8” at,


My install went well. I also installed the gauge overlay. The unit functions exactly as advertised. Stock temp was consistently low (under 160°F) while modified unit produces 190°/195° except when stopped, when it creeps up to 210° or so and the fan kicks in for a few seconds. My commute is short, cold, and wet, so I'm very pleased with this product and the gauge overlay just makes it more fun, so I recommend that people order that, too.